Buy Anadrol

When it comes to promoting off-season mass and strength, countless performance enhancing athletes buy Anadrol. Anadrol first came into existence in the 1960ís under the trade name Anadrol-50 given to it by Syntex and the Androyd trade name given to it by Park Davis and Co. This is an anabolic steroid that would prove to hold several therapeutic advantages, but in the 1970ís the FDA would begin limiting the use of this steroid tremendously. The restrictions would get tighter and tighter and by the early 1990ís, if you wanted to buy Anadrol you would find it a difficult steroid to hunt down. By the late 1990ís, the market for Oxymetholone, the steroid that is Anadrol, would pick up in the U.S. thanks to Unimed Pharmaceuticals; a Mexican based pharmacy that provided the compound to the U.S.

Currently, you can buy Anadrol from Alaven Pharmaceuticals, but you will need a prescription in the U.S. Several other pharmaceutical companies and underground labs (UGLís) manufacture the Oxymetholone hormone as well, but counterfeits are somewhat common. The Turkish brand Anapolon and British Dispensaryís Anadrolic are both widely available on the black market. Jinan Pharmaceuticals also carries a popular line under the name Anemoxic, and if you want to buy Anadrol this will be one brand that doesnít appear to be counterfeited quite as often. If youíre going to buy Anadrol, these are the primary brands to look for as high quality products from these lines will be the easiest to find. Further, they will be a lot cheaper than U.S. based Anadrol.

When to Buy Anadrol:

The best time and the only time most performance enhancing athletes will buy Anadrol is for off-season mass gaining phases. This steroid will normally appear at the frontend of an off-season cycle in order to kick-start the gains. Oxymetholone will provide a sharp and dramatic increase in weight and strength; so dramatic 20lb gains are very commonplace in mere weeks. Mid-cycle use can also be a good time to buy Anadrol. All cycles will reach a point when the progress really slows down or even comes to a halt. At this point in time a change must be made in the diet, training, supplementation program or possibly every area. The addition of Anadrol at this stage can be the perfect point of use as it will see you break through this sticking point with strong authority. It should be noted; due to its extreme hepatotoxicity, if it is used as a kick-starting agent most will not want to use it mid-cycle. There should be at minimum 8 weeks of no Oxymetholone use between periods of use. There should also be no use of any hepatic steroid for at least 8 weeks after the use of Anadrol with 12 weeks being far more optimal in regards to the health of the liver.


Another good time to buy Anadrol is during extreme cutting phases. Specifically at the end of a cutting diet such as one implemented by a competitive bodybuilder. The steroid will be used the last few weeks leading up to the show, and as a result, the bodybuilder will maximize his carb loading phase coming to the stage with a much fuller look. This type of use is, however, cautioned against if youíve never used the Oxymetholone hormone before. Those who buy Anadrol will find it can promote excess water retention tremendously despite possessing no aromatizing activity. You must have a good understanding of final week water protocol as well as an understanding of how this steroid reacts in your body before ever attempting related use. Failure to do so could very well result in ruining your contest preparations with a watery physique. You will also need to be extremely lean for this practice to work well. If youíre cutting it close and still holding a little fat, your best bet will be to focus on removing it and then maybe you can buy Anadrol for this purpose your next go around.

Legally Buy Anadrol:

In the United States, the only way you can legally buy Anadrol is with a prescription. Oxymetholone like all anabolic steroids is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. In order to obtain a prescription, you will need a reason justified under the guidelines of the FDA. Unfortunately, over the years the FDA has continually limited such guidelines. The most common reason to get a prescription is if youíre suffering from HIV or AIDS. It is also an approved medication for the treatment anemia, but other medications are beginning to take its place.

If you want to buy Anadrol in pharmaceutical grade quality, most will turn to the black market. All UGL purchases will be on the black market as well. If you live outside the U.S., you may very well find this is an easier purchase to make. Many countries do not carry laws that are nearly as stringent. In some countries, you will need a prescription, but there easy to get. In others, the purchase will be legal so as long as itís made at the pharmacy. And in others, there are no restrictions at all. Before you buy Anadrol, it is imperative you know and understand the law as it pertains to where you live. Failure to do so could very well result in horrific legal consequences.